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A complete set of innovative CBD infusions for wide variety of mixed as well as straight drinks. Fast and easy way to create a CBD-infused drink from any item on your drink menu. Cutting-edge nano technology gives all Elixeer products full water solubility so that they can be used without any limits and bring your customers new and unique experience where the soothing and rejuvenating effects of natural extracts from hemp plant interact with all kinds of different alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. 

CBD is generally sought by its users for multiple health benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties, calming and regeneration effects and others. There are already multiple studies published on the subject of combining CBD with alcohol which suggest that adding CBD while consuming alcohol could significantly reduce the adverse effects of alcohol on our body. 

As a strong antioxidant, CBD helps protect our cells against damage. It also seems to significantly reduce the intoxicating effect of alcohol and allows for a higher tolerance of elevated blood alcohol levels. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it reduces discomfort after drinking alcohol, including nausea and hangovers.

Elixeer products can be combined with matching recipes using the most common alcoholic beverages or simply use the original flavourless for any creation of your own. 

Each set consists of:

5pcs set of 100ml Bottles of Elixeer 

Wooden bar-top holder

600 pcs of labels and pegs

Original Elixeer Certificate



Water soluble CBD nano-emulsion containing 1 000 mg of CBD, coconut oil, soya, preservatives (E211, E202)

All Elixeer products use only natural CBD extracts from controlled and environmentally responsible agricultural sources. Free from GMO, heavy metals and any dangerous chemical residues (such as pesticides or herbicides). 

Elixeer products do not contain THC.



Add 1 ml (one serving) of any Elixeer flavour to any drink to create CBD-infused cocktail. 1 ml is approximately equal to one full squeeze of the rubber back of the dropper (or about half of the visible glass portion of the dropper). 

Each portion of Elixeer should be applied to the drink in front of the customer and all drinks infused in this way are intended for immediate consumption only. Do not store or prepare in advance.

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